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Feats as stunts should work better than feats as feats in 3e and 4e because as stunts that anyone can try they will be less likely restrict options that anyone should be able to at least attempt. Let us know how it works in practice.

Pulp Herb

I'm looking to turn feats into stunts a la the old TSR Marvel game. While everyone can try anything a stunt, once learned, would give a fixed bonus to achieving it. Learning stunts would require attempting it several times and paying XP each time for it to count towards learning it (which is pretty much how Marvel did it).

For me it's a way to bridge something like C&C's SEIGE engine (everyone is equally good at anything given they have the same level and primes) and Feats (you can't try it if it's not written down). I want things written down that make characters distinct (I know the C&C response is: roleplay it, but that's not 100% satisfying).