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Brian and Sham,

Thanks for the kind words. Post radiation has actually been harder on Donna than all but the last week of her six weeks of radiation. If her throat would only heal up enough to let her eat instead of drinking Ensure, she’d be much happier.


Soon 3.5 will be retro. 🙂

More seriously, I just enjoy reading your blog. The RPG Tropes series hooked me.


Thanks for linking to me.

I’m somewhat surprised that my site pops up on Retro gaming blogs what with me playing 3.5 right now.

But my heart remains close to my old copy of the AD&D DMG…


Sham aka Dave

I hadn’t noticed it until this post. Keep that little Lady of yours believing. To echo Brian’s sentiment, best wishes and prayers for you both, Randall and Donna.


Glad to hear she is recovering, even if slowly. Best wishes and prayers for you both.

– Brian