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That’s no sin. I actually read about a guy who builds his campaigns and names features and places after those in fiction and the real world. That way, the players feel they have an idea what the place is like (he likened it to Paris: he’d never been, but he had preconceived notions about it, and they may have been wrong or not). They may be wrong in part or full, but at least they feel they have more world knowledge that way.


I did not consciously take the name Irillion from the Irilian in the WD articles (unlike Tarantis, which I knowingly borrowed), but as I’m horrible at creating names I borrow from everywhere — often without even realizing it.


Great articles! I’m going to be yoinking a bit for my sandbox game coming up Real Soon Now™.

Is the name of the city supposed to be an homage to the one in earlier White Dwarf magazine (Irilian)?

Jonathan Jacobs

thanks for keeping this going Randall; i'm loving the series. Everytime you post something new it takes me back to 1982 when D&D all started for me.