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It looks like he’s decided to make the .doc version free as well. Very nifty.

Restless, I hope the storm passes you by with little damage. Unfortunately some place along the Gulf coast is going to be hit bad if Gustav doesn’t weaken.


Yes, I remember that. It was a pity because I am agonizing over the choice between BFRPG and LL right now, and thought maybe I could roll my own changes to S&W and be happy enough.

Actually, if you go to the new website under products, Mythmere has the .doc for download now. I haven't had a chance to look it due to storm issues, but hope to get a chance to check it out tomorrow night once I know we're in the clear.


Mythmere tried to make them available as a doc file through Lulu only to discover that Lulu automatically converted doc files to a PDF. I know he still wants to make them available as a doc file, but hasn’t yet a good method to do so.

He wants to charge a dollar for the doc file version to help offset costs for art and layout on the PDF and printed version — which seemed fair enough to me. I’m the guy who discovered and reported the Lulu autoconversion problem when he had it up for sale a month or so ago.

The doc file is very nice, however, so I really hope he can find a way to make it available. I’m working on adding my house rules in what little spare time I have and have everything in a single document I can print out for players will be great.


I seem to remember that the core S&W rules were going to be available as a .doc file for everyone so that you could "roll your own" with them, much like people used to do with OD&D, but this way you could inline your specifics directly into the core rules.

Do you know if that's still in the plans?


Swords & Wizardry is an OGL retro-clone of the Original D&D and the first OD&D Supplement, Greyhawk — the rules many of us D&D gnognards used most back in the day. The "White Box" version will just clone the rules of the original boxed set without the first supplement.

I have a .doc version of the text of upcoming release and am very impressed with Swords & Wizardry. It is pretty much completely compatible with "0e" to the point that some people in a game could be using their original books and some Swords & Wizardry and most would not notice any major difference in rules.

The main version should be available relatively soon both as a free PDF download and as a nice printed book from Lulu. The White Box version will follow later.

Brandon D

You seem to know more about it than the website lets on, so I'll ask you. 🙂 Is this a revamp of D&D in some way (you mention 0E), or something completely different?