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Will said: “My personal vow is to keep my game books down to no more than one bookshelf’s worth….”

I so hope my wife doesn’t read this and get any ideas. I don’t think I want to go that far.

Will Mistretta

My personal vow is to keep my game books down to no more than one bookshelf’s worth and to never keep any book that I wouldn’t rate at least four out of five on a hypothetical quality scale describing overall inspiration and utility.

I ditched Wrath of the Immortals, too. I already had all the major immortals described in my Hollow World set and it was just soooooo metaplotty and railroady.


Often enough I have unexpectedly found exactly what I needed among the books already on my shelf that I manage to justify keeping everything. It helps that I’m pretty picky about what I do buy.

And being useful doesn’t mean that I’m playing the game the book was written for or even dealing with its topic. Inspiration or something that can be twisted is as valuable—maybe more valuable—than something I’m going to use as-is.

Wayne Clemons

The 3e Manual of the Planes. Even after I had decided to go with 4e (I kept up with the preview materials pretty well), I bought the Manual of Planes because I loved the concepts so much. I figured I’d use that cosmology in a 4e campaign. What with the quality of the 4e stuff, though, I expect I’ll probably end up using the 4e Manual of the Planes instead. Still, I can hardly let go of it.

Dave The Game

Yes, definitely, while it's easier for me to be ruthless about getting rid of stuff with the very limited space I have now, there's still a number of books on my shelf that I will never use in my games, and it's even doubtful I will read them for inspiration. Some of them have sentimental value, which is funny talking about D&D books.

Of course, I also have a hard time getting rid of books in the first place, since the entire eBay process is a bit of a pain.