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Yes, Lulu’s foreign postage seems to be seriously outrageous. I’m not sure how they are shipping any more, but the post office is cheaper (and I’ve always thought they were outrageous).


Unless I can get Lulu to be realistic with some reasonable postage costs, I may end up having to print this monster myself too. I agree, the green pages are a pain. It’ll mean having to monitor the print job, printing in blocks to omit the greens.

I look forward to your potentially annoying opinions Randall, sounds wonderfully ominous.


I’ve been skimming OSRIC 2.0 in between decorating spurts today and I’m very impressed. The only thing I’m not impressed with are the solid green pages which will make the book a pain to print on my laser printer. I think I’ll wait and see what the price of the printed version will be before I print it out.

December should see even more writing from me. Unfortunately, some of my opinions are going to annoy some. I’ve had a two months for some stuff I’ve seen in threads on message boards to really build up a head of steam.


Exciting times and a great looking product. Can’t wait to see a hard copy. Good to see you writing again too Randall.