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Extra copies of M&M for players? That's an excellent idea. I think I'll borrow it.

Sham aka Dave

These look great Randall. I did almost the exact same procedure, but I didn't bother with cardstock. I did leave them all overnight under a huge stack of 1E books to get them nice and flat.

I actually made about 12 copies of M&M for my game sessions. The players can fold and make notes in them. It's great having these as PDFs.

I finally acquired my "beater" copies of Vol.s 1-3 as well as supplements 1 and 2. I'm hunting for a beater copy of Eldritch Wizardry.

Regardless, I ended up using my PDF M&M this past weekend. Even though I figured I'd use the beater copies at the table, with our youngest running around and his tendency to spill things or make off with unattended objects, I stowed them away.