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I just came back here from your newest post, and must say…awesome! I also thought about this, in a similar way. But now, I won’t have to write it down myself. Thanks



Aaron: Rest is the main way to restore Hit Points. Second Wind allows characters to recover 20% of their hit points (once per day) by eating a meal while resting for an hour. Various potions and the like might restore some as well.

When a night’s rest will fully restore a healthy character hit points, I’m not sure that it makes much sense for spells to do so as well.

Spells do not do so in these rules for two reasons. First, I can’t imagine a deity granting a cleric a spell that would restore a few hit points when a few hour’s rest would do it. Second, as spells cost fatigue (Hit Points) to cast in my full house rules, you would end up with clerics who are able to fully restore everyone’s HP at little or no cost to themselves — unless the restore HP spells were high level spells.

Aaron W. Thorne

Hmmm… I like most of this but the change to the healing spells confuses me. Unless I mis-read what you wrote, the ONLY way to restore hit points is six hours of rest. Is that correct? It seems like there should also be ways to restore hit points. Maybe healing spells restore some of both?

Aaron W. Thorne

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Well thought out. I've been looking for something like this for my upcoming C&C game… so…