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Thanks for pointing that out. I’ll upload a correction over the weekend. I will not bump the version number or anything, but I think I really need to correct that.

Adam Thornton

The Ancient Auguries header says “Mircolite” rather than “Microlite.” Might want to fix that in 2.01.



Both of the 2.0 Booklet links on the Microlite74 page (the one in the right sidebar and the one in the list of downloads at the bottom of the page) are taking me to the booklet on Mediafire. If this isn’t working for you, you should be able to download the booklet version from Lulu.


I think you have the wrong link to the “booklet” version on the page – it seems to be the same as the “standard pdf”. Other than that, great job! I look forward to trying this out with my group.