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Joseph said: "I mean, why play a near-clone when you have the original?"

I have a copy of OD&D and a reading copy printed from the PDFs. None of the players have a copy — and no legal way to get one without wasting time and money looking for an affordable used copy. My group did look though my reading copy and found it confusing and hard to understand. The retro-clones are easier to understand.

Spike Page

For many gamers, getting an affordable, legible and above all legal copy of the original D&D little books is next to impossible. I have two copies of that game. One was bought last November from a site that no longer offers that PDF or any other WoTC PDFs. The other copy is an ancient Xerox copy made back when my husband was in college more than 30 years ago.

Secular Transhumanist

Might I ask why OD&D wasn't an option?

I mean, why play a near-clone when you have the original?