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Adam Thornton


I have a couple of ASCENDING IS BETTER DAMMIT players.

But basically we do m74 because it's simpler: the sorts of game we play work just as well with three stats as with six, and no one has particular hangups that True D&D Has The Following Six Attributes…



rcarbol said: "I'm not sure I get the sense that the preference was particularly strong in any direction, though."

My players have been discussing whether we should stay with Swords & Wizardry or move the campaign to Microlite74 for over two weeks now. Both sides seem to have pretty strong feelings on the issue (although I don't think anyone is going to drop the game if their choice doesn't win out).

The funny thing is they can't seem to understand why I don't care which set of rules we use — they are both OD&D with a few house rules to me.

Spike Page

Ooooh no…no..nope..not gonna comment on Ascending versus Descending AC..nope.. not gonna go there!

But yet for some, such things DO matter, even more than the actual module or what the other players contribute to the game session.

But for what it’s worth, if it makes your group happy and more comfortable, then go with the flow.


Well… hmmm. I mean, if you ask someone “Here’s 2 very similar products — which do you prefer?” then I wouldn’t be surprised that their preferences would depend on small differences.

I’m not sure I get the sense that the preference was particularly strong in any direction, though.


It is just human nature to be more comfortable with (and like better) the things with which one is most familiar. For most people, taking a step out of that comfort zone and trying something different isn’t a major deal, but the farther from it that one gets, the less likable the experience.

But honestly, the armor class rules post-2E are easier to deal with. I’ve never played either system, but I’d lean towards whichever one has simpler rules as well. I started with 1st edition and never thought much about the AC rules… that’s just the way they were. But since 3E, I wouldn’t want to go back to wanting a negative number for my armor class.


Interesting. I tend to dismiss such differences that seem insignificant to me without considering that they might be significant for others.