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You can see how I got bit by the “complex is better” bug in the year plus between issue by comparing my first article on Divine Intervention with my second. In general, the less complex first article is better.

Santiago Oría

Ok, so I spent some time reading this. To begin with, type-writer fanzines do me, I LOVES THEM. And the 70s vibe of this one is strong.
The divine intervention article is superb, and fits in just one page! I like it a lot. With a few tweaks it will be my system from now on.
The small dungeon is an early example of a one-page dungeon! It’s quite good too, with some nice puzzles and weird acids, and a door only seen it nights of full moon ;).
The demon summoning article is very detailed, deep and “realistic”, maybe too much.
I’m still delving in the rest. Excellent stuff. Thanks for sharing!

Santiago Oría

WOW, I would LOVE to see the contents this one: intervention, terraforming and demon summoning – 3 things that are part of my D&D.


Any chance we’ll see a scan of this?

Matthew Slepin

You got out more than one issue? That’s pretty impressive.

It’s amazing how the itnernet et.al. has so fundamentally changed the concept of fanzines. Such a huge task in the 70’s; so damn easy now to just post stuff to a blog or set up a wiki or whatever.