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The Inn On Palmer ST.

One of my game groups dig 3.5 and since my brother leads it I play in it my loves are Labyrinth lord, Swords&Wizardry, Mutant Future, and classic Traveller with some Shadow Run thrown in for good measure. And yes 3/3.5 is better than 4E in my opinion.


I only wish it could have said 3rd ed resurgent. The similarities between 3.0 and 3.5 is bigger than the difference to older/newer editions.

3.5 was a marketing ploy, it's all 3rd ed. Really. Goddamnit!

I pick nits, and swims up the Niagara falls, I know.

Spike Page

I like it.

I'm into Oe and 1e these days, but still am not willing to write off all those happy years of 3e and 3.5 gaming with "I once was blind but now I see."

Maybe the retro-renaissance needs a unity graphic too….but y'all know those grognards can't even bloody agree on what to call themselves.

To heck with 'em. I STILL like "Old school".