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I love your Potter ideas!
And i have to say JK really needs to jump on the Potter RPG bandwagon.

I'm going to suggest Hero Systems for your 1800's Potterverse ideas.

But for anyone interested in typical Potter as I and someone suggested in your other atrticle nothing eats Witch Girls Adventures. I've been running agame almost 2 months and it even comes with Potteresque optional rules.

Dyson Logos

You've got to fess up the name of the publisher who emailed you.



There are several "Harry Potter" like RPGs available — most are free. See the comments to my Simple Tabletop RPG for Harry Potter Needed post for links to them.


I like the magic system that JK Rowling developed and it would be interesting to see a version of it worked out for a roleplaying game. Some characteristics off the top of my head: iniitative really matters, most can do all the basic spells but different people have different aptitudes, potion brewing is a major art and would be the best way produce certain effects. Probably would work best with a spell point system tied to a magical strength characteristic.

Christopher B

"I received a relatively condescending email this weekend from a game publisher who shall remain nameless (but one who has nothing to do with the Old School Revival) telling me how folks like me were 'ruining the industry' — and driving down his company's precious profits — by giving away "good games like Microlite74" for free."

Sounds like a real jackass – and obviously a capitalist who doesn't, somehow, believe in or understand the concept of a free-market economy. (If his products are worth buying, people will buy them regardless. If people are able to produce free products that significantly affect his bottom line, he needs to either make better products or get out of the business. Even a decent high-school business class teaches this concept.) I wouldn't worry too much about it…

As for the 19th-century Harry Potter idea, I like it. 😀