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Really neat. I like it. 😀

Mark Thomas

Excellent little hack to the system! Definitely adding this to my bag of tricks for future use!


Hope you don't mind: I just posted about this houserule on the K&K Alehouse, with all proper credits and link to this post. See this thread if you want to follow the discussion.


Very cool. I stumbled across something along the same lines when the "Defense Bonus" rule popped up in my online search from, of all places, the 3.5 d20 SRD website. The "Defense Bonus" is an optional rule that is at least conceptual similar to what you have done, but your approach is much sweeter (and much older).


Rod: I spend most of my life in the San Antonio area (say from 1963-ish to 2003-ish).

While there were a lot of simple and at least somewhat elegant solutions to what some people say as problems in RPGs like D&D back then, there were a lot of solutions in search of a problem and solutions that were far more complex than they need to be. I know as I wrote my share of both. LOL.


Ooohh… That is a very nice house rule. Very simple, and it certainly seems efficient. Thanks for sharing, Randall!


Great system — I love finding out how many simple, elegant solutions to long-standing RPG bugbears were already around in the very first years of the hobby.

When you say south Texas, do you mean around San Antonio, or more like Corpus Christi (my hometown)? Not that I would have been playing D&D then (I'm one of the 1981 Basic set crowd), but I can't help being curious.