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Jack Badelaire

Wow, that's a pretty awesome website. I was on the USENET groups while at college right around this time period, and I actually recognize a lot of the names listed there, especially from the games.frp.dnd board.

ze bulette

nice, thanks for the link… I've just started watching "BBS: The Documentary" on DVD lately. This stuff really takes me back!




Oh wow! That site is a really nifty find. There's a whole lot of stuff there I used to have copies of on those old 5 inch floppies, downloaded from BBSes. Downloading madly. Thank you very much!

Matthew Slepin

As charming as this looks, my brain actually refuses to read that old code-like language. 🙂

Will Mistretta

Searching for other mentions of this one online led me to this:


This sucker could have me busy for a long, long time.