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BTW, I just noticed this was my 200th post to this blog.


Jer: Unfortunately, I don't have the map or even the map keys. All I found was the notes I wrote up on the dungeon before I actually did the level by level mapping and keying. With luck, I may come across the maps some day.

Impossible geometry is easily handled by slightly sloping corridors or the like "impossible" areas are over or under another part of the level — or even "mapmaking error". 🙂


Any chance we could see that map? It sounds like something I'd be interested in seeing.

I actually like the idea of having a simple "graph structure" map instead of the gridded rooms and corridors format that tradition dictates. I fought against it for a long time – mostly I think because in one of the early Basic Set books I remember there was a section on mapping that denigrated the idea of just having "boxes connected by lines" as a map. But as far as I'm concerned now it's the way to go – my cartography skills generally stink and I've never found that maps help much in giving me inspiration for my descriptions anyway. (Though with that kind of structure you have to worry about about creating impossible geometry in your dungeon – or not if your dungeon is supposed to be some kind of Lovecraftian geometric nightmare anyway…)


I for one am always interested in Megadungeon shop-talk, thanks!:)