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Stuart: It was pure co-incidence this post and Greywulf's were made on the same day. I had not read his post before I wrote mine. Microlite74 has Microlite20 as one of it's OGL ancestors (as will Microlite75) and the basic mechanics come from M20. The OGL is a wonderful thing, IMHO, as it lets works built on each other no matter what happens to the ownership of each game later on.


@Stuart Not affected at all. As Microlite20 is published under the OGL, Randall is more than welcome to do anything he wants with it – and I wholeheartedly approve 😀

Randall, I look forward to seeing how Microlite75 (or whatever you call it) turns out.


Is this in anyway affected by this? http://blog.microlite20.net/2010/01/02/the-big-microlite20-sale/
I'm not sure of the relationship that between the two.

Aaron E. Steele

Always interested in what other people think is the "ultimate" retro ruleset, or at least the most fun to play!


How about "M74 Grey and Black", to suggest it's M74 plus Grey(hawk) and Black(moor)?