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Three issues with AVAST in a year here. It just stopped updating on my wife's machine. (Actually, it just kept downloading the same update every 60 minutes or so.) In December a bad 4.8 update wanted to delete just about every program on my computer because it was a virus/trojan. Now this.

I'm trying AVG 9 on the newly-reformatted new machine. I had used it before and liked it. At least until it bloated up in 8.x versions. AVG 9 seems much less bloated.

If that doesn't work out, it's on to Microsoft Security Essentials.

Patrick Tingler

I've used Avast for quite a while with no issues, but that definitely is one heck of an error on Avast's part. If you want to stick with free software, Microsoft's free one has been getting good reviews on tech and anti-virus test sites and since it's Microsoft shouldn't affect Windows.