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JD Neal

It's always good to have two or three backups — and one offsite. Never know when the house is going to burn down.

I've considered setting up an e-mail account solely for backup. I haven't yet because I'm on slow internet and uploading docs takes too long, but I will when I move up.

E-mail new documents to the backup account. Check in now and then to make sure it's working okay and prevent those hidden "YOu haven't been using the account. It was erased." issues.

Even then, who knows when the provider's system is going to crash or they go out of business overnight. But, better than putting everything in one basket.



I only lost access to files, not the files themselves, fortunately. The files are safe on the hard drive in the old machine and on DVD backups. Unfortunately, the old Win98 era notebook can only read CDs. Once I get the new machine and make Win7 network with my wife's XP box (which is getting all the hard drive from my old machine), I'll have access to everything again.

Or that's the plan. Sadly, we all know about plans. They don't survive contact with the dungeon.

Aaron E. Steele

The Computer is dead. Long live the computer!


My sympathies are with you, and I will take your circumstance as a warning, and make a more current backup of my game files.
–All sorts of good vibes toward your getting your computing situation sorted.