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Action Points did not get much use in Sunday's game. but my initial reaction is that this system isn't obviously broken.

Talysman: Why did I use Action Points instead of just roll shifts for hit points? I like having a name for it and I wanted an easy way to tie the number of times they can be used in a session to character level.

Ryan: Using hit points isn't a problem for most of my current players as most of them started playing "old school" with my M74 rules and are therefore used to spending HP for things. Your point, however, should certainly be considered by any who want to adapt this for their games.


I had been thinking of something along these lines, but limited to once per level.

I like your idea, but I have played/run systems where certain abilities cost HP, and I find that players seldom, if ever, use them. (Which, you know, might be just what you're going for.) The most immediate example I can think of is pre-Saga Edition d20 Star Wars; Force abilities cost Vitality (which are more or less hit points) As a result, the Jedi in that campaign settled everything with a lightsaber. Just some food for thought.

So, out of curiosity, can a PC actually die from this?


The point of the game is to have fun. If the players like to have some influence over some rolls at the cost of some HP, go ahead!

Sounds workable. I like it.


"… action points (by whatever name) are just another (very) limited resource for the player to manage."

Ir's that word "another" that bothers me. For your particular rule change, why have the action point layer at all? Let the players choose to shift a roll 1d6 points in their favor, but you roll 1d6 and they take that as damage. No need for action points, the damage from exertion is the regulator.

Aaron E. Steele

I applaud your decision, after all, the OD&D rules are just guidelines! Will be curious to hear how it worked out.


Go for it. 🙂



Heh, I don't think it would hurt to give this concept a try. I've done something similar with Luck points in my own campaigns, and it's worked out fine. There's likely a decrease in PC fatality rates involved, but nothing that could be considered game-breaking.