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Adam Thornton


I'm very excited that my name was picked!

How open to rules suggestions are you? I've been kicking around some Vancian-style magic for uLite 74, with the twist that, basically, your first casting of a memorized spell always works (except maybe on a 1 in 20, or with some sort of damage-in-previous-round-based concentration mechanic, or something)…and then, after that, you can attempt repeated castings (or to cast a spell you didn't memorize, or you can attempt to memorize a spell that's too hard for your level, which brings you here…) but it gets geometrically harder, and failure can mean anything from spell-doesn't-go-off to spell-goes-off-on-you-or-your-party to angry-demon-arrives-to-eat-you.

This might be better as a supplement or a back-of-the-book alternate magic system, and I don't have it playtested and refined to a point where I'm happy with it yet. I'm worried that whatever I do, it's going to be too mathy.

I like the idea of spellcasting with a push-your-luck mechanic, though, and I want something that can replicate the Gray Mouser's accidental wipeout of Gwaay's magicians. Letting dabblers play waaaaay above their level for a while with the impending specter of catastrophe feels like a nice sword-and-sorcery trope.


That's a fantastic name. I can't wait to see the finished product.