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Papa Joe

This comment has been removed by the author.

Adam Thornton

I'm very sorry to hear that as well.


Randall, I am sorry for your loss.
–I've recently lost my cat of 17 years. I know how sorrowful it can be.

My continued thoughts with you and Donna,


I'm very sad to report that Savoy did not make it. We made that last trip to the vet this afternoon.

Matthew Slepin

Some random thoughts:

Dragons & Dungeons
Witchcraft & Warfare
Heroes & Horrors (HAH)
Battle & Blood
Blood & Steel
Monsters & Magic
Men-at-Arms & MAgic (MAMA)
Dark Delvings
Sorcery & Steel
Arms & Armour


Do you absolutely want the name to be in the Something-and-Something_with_same_initial_letter format?

I know exactly how you and Donna are feeling about Savoy right now. You have all my best for his recovery. As a fellow animal lover, if you ever need someone to talk to, I'm all ears.


I guess my first comment didn't take. 🙁

My thoughts are with you, Donna, and Savoy.



Fondest thoughts and wishes for Savoy.


Michael and Tenkar,

Thanks for the good wishes for Savoy. He had his best day in three weeks today. Our fingers are crossed that he doesn't have another set back over the weekend.


"Grognards and Gryphons" LOL, I sort of like it.


I've done the syringe feeding of onr of my cats in the past… not fun. Best of luck

Adam Thornton

Bill-hooks And Becs-de-corbin ?

Millilite75 ? (if it's really big, Centilite75)

Grognards and Gryphons?

Michael S/Chgowiz

Good luck with your cat.