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Well, I am a simple mind. I like computer/console rpg's and even WoW. But I don't think them as roleplaying games or even subtitutes for them.

But in general, I like computer/console games and there are good titles under "rpg" genre, so why not.

When I play Final Fantasy or Suikoden, I want to see where story is going. When I play WoW I want to grind my character to be better. When I play p&p rpg's, I want to do the story.


"To me, they are just MUDs with a graphic interface and a monthly fee to use."

MUDS? Those are those new computerised play-by-mail games aren't they?

I win being a grognard 🙂

Daddy Grognard

And this goes a long way to explaining why 4e is the MMORPG player's edition of choice. Not dissing 4e or anything (I don't want Faustusnotes to come and get me) but the congruence is notable and surely deliberate.

It's proving very hard to get those who have been raised on WoW and such like to accept that there is another way of gaming.


Yeah, same here. I'll take an analog game over an MMORPG every time.