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A beginning MU's spell selection is limited by what the GM allows him to have as initial spells known. If the GM doesn't want a first level MU to have Magic Missile or Sleep, the MU can't have them. There's an error in the description of the number of spells known by a first level MU in the current draft of the rules. It should be "Read Magic plus 1d2 additional spells."

Adam Thornton

I was sloppy.

"Free" in the sense of "Does not cost a spell slot."

I think that at low levels, both Magic Missile and Sleep are overpowered. Now a beginning MU can effectively have both. That makes me nervous. Remember that a beginning magic-user is only a slightly less effective melee combatant than a Fighting Man, so if the wizard's magic is limited, well, his punching skill isn't as atrophied as it will be one day either.


All spells cost at least 1 HP. The cost can't be reduced below that. If that isn't in the rules, I need to add it. TANSTAAFL, after all.

Adam Thornton

I find that Magic Missile is already overpowered in uLite 74 for low-level characters; I think that these rules, in which it's a free favorite spell, basically (and does more damage) will be even more unbalancing. I'll try them out and report, though.