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I totally agree that Supplement 4 – Citizens of the Imperium is essential, as without it your game is based only on military careers. That's my one traditional problem with Classic Traveller out of the box play.

Adam Thornton

You can also buy CDs of Traveller stuff from Marc Miller for $35.


I got the Classic Traveller, JTAS, and Apocrypha ones and have not been disappointed.


Great list, and at these prices they should be on every gamer's virtual bookshelf. Kudos to them for releasing such an iconic (and wonderful) game for free, and to you for pushing it to the forefront.

I'll disagree about one thing though – I rate 76 Patrons as one of the best supplements ever made for any game. Give me that supplement, a copy of Traveller and half a brain and I'll give you a campaign to last many years. It's a terrific idea spark machine, and I'd kill for a similar supplement for D&D 😀


Jer: I wouldn't call any of Books 4 – 8 essential, but all are available for my campaigns. The Scouts and the Merchant books are most useful to me. My more military-minded players liked Mercenary and High Guard quite a bit, however. The main problem with the additional books is that they tend to make Army, Navy, Scot, and Merchant career paths so much better than options that do not use the more complex generation system provided for these character types.

Jeff Rients

Good list. Supplement 4 is crucial for groups with players who never want to play something straight out of the core rules. And it has pirates.


You know, I was just going to post to ask your advice on this.

What about the "Books" – I've only ever had Book 0 through Book 3 (found the Deluxe Box years ago). Books 4-8 clearly aren't essential for me, but are they all worth getting if I'm just using Traveller as a generic sci-fi setting rather than with the Third Imperium setting?