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Yeah. IIRC, 8 years to improve a skill by one point. Yet, you immediately got the benefit, you'd just lose it if you didn't finish the 8 years of study. Sounds crazy compared to many other games, but it is pretty in-line with chargen. (& there's sabbaticals and the instruction skill that can also be used for acquiring/improving skills)

I like that cT doesn't have much stat progression, but I like having this option so that it isn't impossible.

Also, if you do a lot of traveling, those weeks spent in jump can start adding up pretty quickly.


I don't think we ever used the experience rules in Traveller. They were fairly strange, taking 4 years or so dedicated to a single improvement and many improvements were only temporary as I recall (I'm too lazy to walk to another room and dig out my boxed set). We tried a couple of experience systems from early White Dwarf articles, but in the end never really bothered.

I agree on Citizens of the Imperium, it's a must have.


My Starter Traveller booklets still get used when I play classic Traveller. The charts book is a great referee tool. The rules book also has some clarifying examples that the original books lacked.

The one thing I miss is the experience rules from Book 2. I also like to supplement it with Supplement 4 (Citizens of the Imperium) for the additional career types. So, those would be the first things I’d hit eBay for or print off of the cT CD for anyone who enjoys this set.