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Ben: The starting equipment packs are just suggestions to speed up gear selection. You can always give characters starting gold and let them buy whatever they want. Or you can just allow substitutions on the listed equipment packs (with GM approval to prevent substituting a 200gp item for a 5 gp item).


Is there any chance of changing it so that characters can change their class' starting equipment? The reason for this is because one of my players played a Half-Elf who came from a Tribe, and the player wanted him to have dual Tomhawks. However, the class he chose(Ranger) didn't have any light weapons listed, and we couldn't think of anything thematic that he liked, as he refused to have his character use a shield, and couldn't think of any two handed weapons that suited his character. In the end we just let him have the 2 light weapons, but a way to customize your starting equipment would be great.


You've got a totally valid point. I'm not against incorporating some "inborn abilities" (like a gift for languages or an inner sense of direction); but I was always irritated at the spontaneous development of these abilities (i.e. gaining feats as one advances in level)…get all the character creation out of the way at character creation.

Marcelo Paschoalin

It depends on what you are aiming for. I know you realize M75 is not OD&D anymore, and many of the optional rules I've read remember me of the old Player's Options books of late AD&D 2nd. ed. line. I don't own the books–and in fact I've only used them twice or thrice–but you may find something there that could help you.

Daen Ral Worldbuilder

I'm looking forward to seeing this – I had toyed with something similar (I think) a while ago but wasn't truly happy with what I came up with.