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Frank Mentzer

I've used the Statement of Intent for decades. Improves communications. You DON'T use it as a straitjacket tho; reactions to the changing situation are always doable.


Apparently Frank Metzner has said that there was always supposed to be a Statement of Intent in BECMI combat. I do remember reading a few places where in was sort of mentioned in spells and such, but I always thought it had been removed and the mentions were just missed in editing. In reality, the statement of intent was mistakenly edited out.


I'm with you guys on the "statement of intent" thing. The few times I've played in games that use it, it's been more of a hassle than a help.


I've never used a statement of intent for long. I've tried in games that have it and it always seemed more limiting than helpful.


@ Jeff: I'm with you on the statement of intent.

Jeff Rients

"* I've changed the way magic-users and elves learn spells to make it consistent with the way weapon mastery is learnt."

I'm going to have to check this one out in detail.

BTW, I hate 'statement of intent' in the turn sequence. A) It's off-putting to normal people trying the game for the first time. B) In a big enough, awesome enough combat it should be hard to remember and implement ever declaration.