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David: 4e is a much different game than what I'm aiming Microlite75 at. Microlite75 is the 0e/1e transition coupled with a number of my better house rules from the era translated into Microlite20 terms. Many 4e style rules simply do not fit into this structure as they would turn the game into something not the above.

In order for the M75 Warlord's command/control ability to make sense in the game world, if it affected PCs they would need to be under the Warlord's command. From what I can see, 4e doesn't worry too much about its character powers and such mapping to clear in-game world descriptions. That's okay if that's what you like, but it's not the style M75 is aiming for.

Perhaps my choice of class names is the part of the problem? I picked "warlord" because it was more generic than "knight" or "cavalier". It's not an attempt to translate the 4e warlord class to an old school system (as the name alone might imply).

David The Archmage

I've found that the warlord in our 4e game is one of the most helpful characters to have in the group, and not for his combat ability! I really dig the idea that in M75 he boosts the hireling's abilities.

I'm not sure that PCs need to give up control of their characters, or even their NPCs. Like Wickedmurph said, it might be more like being a good team captain, and less like a chessmaster. The warlord helps everone else get into proper position, helps them set up favorable situations, and lets them get the best shot they can get. It isn't magic, it's just good team coordination.


Something I just thought of. If you aren't an old school gamer, hirelings may not be an important part of your game.

If you don't regularly use hired men-at-arms, the optional Microlite75 Warlord class may seem like a waste — nothing more than a slightly weaker fighter. In old-school games (which is what M75 is designed for) where hirelings are used, the class is much more useful. A single warlord can greatly increase the combat effectiveness of a good number of men-at-arms while being almost as effective as a Fighter on his own. He doesn't need to buff PC combat abilities to be useful — in fact, this would make him too powerful compared to the other character classes.

Jeremy Murphy

You might want to look at the Warlord in the context of team sports. Particularly, players like Shane Battier. Some players, while not putting up extremely high numbers, are extremely good at making their teammates perform better. They do this in a variety of ways, but rarely do they just "issue orders", nor would their teammates be considered "under their command".

Having a great deal of experience with team sports, I've played with this type of teammate before – you soon learn to trust their instincts and follow their lead – that's what teamwork is about.

You might want to try and shift your idea of the Warlord from a "controlling commander" to an "excellent team player", who makes everyone around him better because of his particular skills and focus.