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Peter Fitz

Restless: I don't give XP for treasure directly, but I do allow characters to substitute gold for XP when they train to go up a level (up to a maximum of 50% of the XP required for the level). It's almost, but not quite the same; basically it means that players have to decide whether they're going to spend their money on cool stuff or save it to go up levels.


Fritz: If a GM can't handle converting a module from gold to silver, I wonder what he or she is doing running a game like Microlite75. However, you do have a good point. Staying with gold would make it more compatible with old published material.


Fitz, do you give XP per one gold or one silver? (…and if I like this idea, does it make me stingy?)

Peter Fitz

It really depends on the extent to which you want the game to fit in with existing resource material. The GP is standard throughout all versions of D&D, and anyone who wants to use a silver standard for the sake of realism can easily convert for themselves. I personally use GP in all my price lists and what-not, but 99% of the cash the characters get hold of is silver.



~Adaen of Bridgewater

Adam Thornton

Silver. Something that bugs me about Hommlet is how much wealth is sitting around there, if the average laborer's wage is 1 sp/day.

Peter G

What are the price differnces? AD&D has a back pack as 2 GP. Is yours just 2 SP? Point is are you doing a straight word replacement or actually going to create a new set of prices?

Restless above has a good point. change gold to silver in the text except for arms and armor.

Marcelo Paschoalin


4×0 until now. 😉


Silver, but with weapons and armor still denominated in gold.

David The Archmage



I'd say silver, to be different.