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Aaron E. Steele

Someone's liking and playing 4E. Power to them.

I'm willing to try any game, though my preference now leans now towards strategy-heavy and rules-light.

When I can't get my RPG fix, I can always rely on getting together with those friends who play eurogames like Settlers, Ticket to Ride and such.


I don’t think many people play newer games just because they’re newer. When 2e came out, I switched because (at the time) I liked many of the changes. When I left D&D for other systems, it was because I didn’t want D&D anymore. When I came back to classic D&D, it was because I wanted D&D again, and 3e wasn’t doing it for me. My friends who play 3e genuinely like 3e. (Heck, I like it too, though it isn’t my game of choice.)

I don’t know anybody yet who plays or likes 4e.


Way to be. Play what you like. Now mind you, I like a lot of different games. Newer is not necessarily better, but Older isn't either. Cheers,

~Adaen of Bridgewater


Todd: Fortunately, I was 18 when I bought my copy of OD&D in 1975 so my parents couldn't say much. Not that they would have. They didn't buy the D&D was evil nonsense when it started in the early 1980s. Of course, by then I had been playing games for years and they had seen first hand what happened in a game. No magic spells cast, no demons summoned, no human sacrifices — just a bunch of people sitting around a table talking, eating, and rolling dice every once in a while.

Daddy Grognard

@Todd – back in 78, I wished my mum and dad would take any kind of interest in what I was doing but reading your post, I guess I didn't have it all bad…

Todd the Viking King

I'm of the same mind, but feel myself tempted by some Indie Games, and try them out from time to time… However, I ALWAYS find myself coming home to Holmes.

I still have my battered copy of Holmes with highlighted sections I long ago memorized, and the Harpies with their "boobies" colored in with Number Two graphite. My dad was a Pastor and my mum was worried that D&D might be bad… I was taking no chances and colored those puppies over so that Holmes wouldn't end up in the same fire my AC~DC 8-track tapes ended up in… The perils we survived as teenagers in 1978; amazing, simply amazing…

Tom Allman

Glad to see I'm not alone. I stopped playing in '91 and I'm just entering my second year of my return to D&D. I do play 4E though because I can't find anyone to play 1E. I like the monster builder because I can easily re-stat the Morkoth and the Xvart.