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Delvecc: James says a lot of fairly outrageous stuff I disagree with. However, I don't condemn the entire OSR because of it any more than I condemned everyone at TSR for some of Gary's more outrageous editorials in early issues of The Dragon.

Chatdemon: The latest Playtest version of M75 is Version 0.4. Comments are always welcome, especially things you feel are missing.


All I can say that James accomplished with his attack on TSR product is assuring that he'll never have me a a customer. His loss, or mine perhaps, who knows?

I deeply appreciate games and designers like Microlite and BFRPG that remember that the game is king, not fitting into or dominating some "movement". While M74 is a bit too "lite" for my taste, Im curious to see what you add in M75. Good luck with the project.

The Proper Gander

I think the issue may have more to do with a retro cloner seemingly stating that the OSR is better than TSR ( IE Gygax ) .

Let's not forget who essentially founded the company.

Its easy to think of it as some nameless corporation, but to the first employee and those other founders of the hobby, TSR might have a different meaning.