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Although both multi-classing (elves) and dual-classing (changing character class) appeared in Men & Magic (more or less), I’m inclined to think they ought to be left out of a microlight game & left to add-on rules.


If characters start at level 1 of several classes, you'd have to decide what that meant for Hit Dice:

i) They start with several Hit Dice.
ii) They start with the average of the Hit Dice they'd get from each class.
iii) They start with 1 Hit Dice, and add 1 every time they advance in any class.

This comes from my experience trying to work out the OD&D elf. It turned out that there were lots of interpretations of the rule.

Adam Thornton

My vote: no multiclassing. Maybe the single-switch dual-class.

If you want to play a spellsword (a la Jeff Talanian's _Astounding Swordplay and Spellcraft_ or whatever the acronym resolves to), then design a new class which is a slightly crappier fighter than a fighter, a slightly crappier MU than an MU, and requires slightly more XP than either to advance.

3E-like multiclassing only works if there's a single consistent and coherent advancement formula, and if the classes are inherently pretty balanced. It's that last thing that fell apart in 3E, and I think it's too damn hard to be worth attempting.


Talysman — I'm still not sure I want the 3.x multiclassing method in M75, but if I were to use it, your XP method would work great. It's far more simple than anything I had thought of and simple is good. Thanks!


How about Option 3A? Characters can switch classes at any level change, but use the highest experience base of all classes acquired. Total levels for all classes currently acquired and multiply by the experience base to get the cost of the next level earned.

This allows the flexibility of Option 3, but with simpler experience calculations, at the cost of higher advancement costs.