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Snowgen: Thanks for catching the typo. I'll fix it.

I use subtraction because I assume people will only do it once as they level up to get the new number. Adding it to the roll would have to be done each time you made a saving throw. I don't think it's worth that just to avoid ever using subtraction.

If I had my way, I'd just create a saving throw table like early versions of the game used. Then I'd just have people copy the numbers to their character sheets. But people want formulas, so they get them 🙂


Slight omission:

There are three types of saving rolls: Fortitude (FORT), Reflex (REF), and Will (WILL)…


Kinds of Saving Throws: There are four types of saving rolls: Fortitude (FORT), Reflex (REF), Will (WIL), and Presence (PRE)…

Subtracting 1/2 level from the DC seem counter-intuitive… I'd rather see it as characters get a 1/2-level bonus to their roll. But that's just personal preference.

David The Archmage

Doesn't willpower cover fear effects? Adding a 4th roll doesn't seem to add too much.