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Room 6: The Hall of Crystals. Hundreds of multi-hued crystals are embedded in the walls or set upon iron pedestals here, reflecting and refacting your torchlight into a dazzling display of colored light. Fell demons were summoned and imprisoned within some of the crystals, for an arcane project forgotten and abandonned long ago. A captive demon might be unleashed by gazing into a crystal too long, or by smashing it, though they are greatly weakened by their long imprisonment (stats as a goblin, hobgoblin, or orc).

[drow http://www.bin.sh/%5D


Oops! The above is meant to be room 5.


Room 4:The top 2 spaces(10 feet) are covered by a stone wall that spans the rooms length, preventing access. The wall has 5 evenly spaced holes in it, each hole just above 2 1/2 feet off the ground. The holes are rectangular, 6 inches wide and 3 inches tall. Each of the holes is covered by a rusty iron sheet with a handle on the inside(of the walled off area) allowing them to be pulled up or down. The area within the wall also contains a rack on the right side with 3 crossbows and around 150 bolts. Outside of the walled off area the room is bare except for 1d4 grimy glass orbs hanging from the ceiling on rusty chains. From these orbs comes a blue light that provides illumination for 15 feet. If the glassis broken or cracked the orb will explode, dealing 2d6 damage to all withing a 5 foot diameter(same space) and 1d6 damage to all within a 10 foot diameter(adjacent spaces). A successful reflex save allows you to move up to 5 feet away from it before it explodes. Any figure staring directly into the explosion is blinded for 1d4 rounds.

If the Goblins inhabiting the dungeon learn of adventures exploring the dungeon, they will send 3 Goblins to the area that is walled off. The Goblins will then use the crossbows to shoot at one of the orbs, when an adventurer moves close enough near it to be affected. once the orbs are destroyed, they will shoot at what they hope are blinded and hurt adventurers, using their darkvision to see. The Orbs are not Goblin-made, but were created by the wizard that created this dungeon. Their use was later found by the Goblins, who use them for destructive purposes.
[Room created by Ben Shidler]


Oops, lost a paragraph, between one and two.

"Once there must have been stools, tapestries and even tools, since the floor is covered in wooded, textile and metal trash."


Room 10 – Ruined laboratory. Judging from the sturdy workbenches and the crowd on curious glassware still stacked on them, this was once a wizard's laboratory. The stuffed alligator hanging from the ceiling is another hint.

Apart from the benches, everything else is covered in broken splinters of charred wood and soot. Glimmers of broken glass indicate that even more equipment was once in this room.

Rummaging among the junk will generate

1 – 1d6 hits of damage from the glass
2-3 – a container of liquid
4-5 – mystical powder
6 – a strange crystal

which if imbibed/spread/touched will

1 – raise a random stat 1d4
2 – lower random stat 1d4
3 – turn the poor sod doing it green, permanently
4 – impart a random phobia
5 – convince the victim that spoons are alive
6 – give you perfect pitch
7 – transform you into a troll
8 – nothing happens

[Room by Andreas Davour, http://theomnipotenteye.blogspot.com]


@Gratuitous Saxon Violence: Don't sweat the rules details. I'll handle any rules difference problems that crop up.

@Everyone: Great stuff so far. Thanks!


Re: Room 2-Obviously the effects should be applied against Strength not Constitution. My apologies, I was in a Labyrinth Lord state of mind.

Marcelo Paschoalin

Room 3: This large rectangular room is full of hyeroglyphs on the walls (a comprehend languages spell or similar effect will result in "Let the light shine upon us" repeated over and over again). There's nothing else in this room, except a large round stone (10' diameter, too big to pass through any doors) enchanted with permanent Light (20' radius from the border of the stone). The stone can be rolled at the slightet touch, at the risk of injurying someone if the stone is rolled over him (Reflex Save or 3d6 damage).


Room 2 – the Hall of Tapestries. The Walls of this Hall are covered with old tapestries. The doors to the North and South (up and down the page) are behind the tapestries but not actually hidden. The tapestries depict scenes from the history of the campaign area, possibly events long forgotten. Anyone disturbing the tapestries, e.g. pulling them down or aside to access the doors will create a cloud of dust and and spores. Any character within 5' will have a 1/3 chance of inhaling the spores. They will develop a lung infection. Every day after, they must roll 3d6 under their constitution or lose a point of constitution (temporarily). Constitution reaching zero means death. A Cure Disease spell or equivalent is needed to destroy the spores. [Room by Gratuitous Saxon Violence].


Room 7: The scent of earthy decay assaults your nose upon peering through the open arch to this room. Smashed bookcases and their sundered contents litter the floor. A small table lies on its side by a broken chair. Paper rots in mold-spotted heaps, and shattered wood grows white fungus. The table has a secret drawer that contains a wand of magic missiles. The drawer is trapped with a recoiled-blade. The room is the lair of 3 large centipedes that shelter in the debris and piles of rotting paper. [Room designed by Grendelwulf, http://www.axe-n-hammer.blogspot.com]