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@Randall: Then I'm glad I could oblige. Apparently my muse, though verbose and cantankerous, was also chock full of insightful observations for more than just the author.


@Kevin: I'm very glad you did not hit the delete button. Your rant was once of the best reads I've had this week.


Thanks Randall and N.Wright. I'm glad to hear my rant resonated with a number of individuals in the rpg-verse.

To be honest I nearly hit the delete button and not the publish button. Glad I didn't.

Hopefully it'll foster some analysis and discussion on where our games should go.


I totally agree with everything he said. I don't like how everything is nailed down quite so firmly with 4th edition, and how's it's a game about wizards and warriors with no magic, mystery, or fantasy in it whatsoever.

I can't remember the source of the quote, but a highly intelligent man once remarked that the guys who designed 3e were good at making rules, but had a poor understanding of fantasy. If only he could see the 4th edition guys, imagine what he'd say!