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Jeremy Murphy

One thing you missed about the Character Builder, although it doesn't relate specifically to the issue of errata, is that you can choose which supplements you want to include in the character builder options.

DDI updates also don't blow away your houserule stuff. And frankly, I don't buy the hardcopy books, so WTF do I care if the character builder isn't the same – saves me the trouble of applying the errata, and I can easily load the characters into my copy of character builder to review them. But I don't have the time to homebrew extensively anymore.

Rob L

Good point. I run 4e for my son and his friends, so they just use our computer. But that computer has a finite life, and the end is not so far away.


@Rob: That would work (dropping your sub before they update) but new players coming into your campaign would probably not be able to get a copy like yours. A character builder really shouldn't be making these choices. That's for the GM, IMHO.

Rob L

I couldn't run 4e without some Software like character builder, but it has to match my printed book. I think I have successfully prevented WOTC from upgrading my character builder by not paying them a subscription after the initial month when I downloaded the tools. If I'm wrong, I guess I just won't be able to play 4e anymore.


@Emily: The house rules features for the DDI Character Builder are very primitive compared to progrrams like PCGen for D20. Also there is no way to freeze the errata/update upgrades let alone for a new player to get to an older version without the latest X months of upgrades if he is in a game that doesn't use them.


My apologies, but have you actually examined the character builder closely? You can easily customize using "house rules."


Thanks. I thought I was the only one. Lots of bloggers talk about the Character Builder's affect on this that and the other thing, but I don't think they realize that the vast majority of groups don't even know what the word "errata" means, let alone immediately incorporate it into any game they're running. Those people just aren't online as much, and when they are they aren't as loud.


I just wrote something very similar over here:


I completely agree with your points, and think it sux for 4e players to be put thru all that just to play their game.