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@Gratuitous Saxon Violence — No, the 1200 Monster Rating was NOT a typo. The GM had never played T&T before. She saw we were 8th and 9th level characters. She looked at a table in T&T 5 that show an ogre on the 6th level having a suggested MR of 900+. She figured that giants were worse than ogres and the "dungeon level" of the hill giant fort would have been 5th or 6th, at least and set the MR of the average giant as 1200.

After killing or maiming half the party in the first round of combat, she realized there was a big problem. We showed her how to figure how much damage we could do and then she was able to set more reasonable MRs for the monsters. We did a do-over on the entry hall combat and the game continued.


Well, it doesn't matter what the rulebook had put down in regards to MR for a given creature, as those are not in any way "official" or even rough guidelines, really. Just one GM's personal MR range for a handful on beasties.

T&T has no official bestiary, so if you want some giants to be MR75 and another MR20 and yet another rated as MR180 it's fine. Heck if you want MR15 dragons and MR200 orcs, you just plain do it. 🙂

Glad to hear a great time was had, as that's really what matters!

Come swing by the TrollBridge Forums sometime and say "hi". 😀



MR 1200?

That's 121dice + 600 for each giant!

Tell me that's a typo, and you meant MR120.


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