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@Andrew: My mom died about a month ago after a short illness — she was 90 and had had a good life. The remodeling it going better than I expected and my wife loves the improvements, especially the counters than aren't falling apart.

Which version of the Immortals rules are you planning on using? I've ran both. The Mentzer version is nearly incomprehensible but actually works — or at least my interpretation of the rules worked. The Allston version works and is much easier to understand for both players and DM.


I'm apparently completely out of touch. Very sorry to hear about your mother — I unfortunately know exactly what that feels like. I hope your remodeling is going well, especially because successfully pulling something like that off is a huge boost. Looking forward to checking out the final release; right now I have a head full of Rules Cyclopedia and Immortals info in anticipation of running an Immortals game for some friends (I must be insane!).