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Dom Cimafranca

Thanks very much for this, Randall. It's an entertaining resource.


@AD&D Grognard: Thanks for plugging Microlite75! Initial reactions are generally positive.

Currently there aren't any plans for a $$$ version. However, once get to a 1.01 or 1.02 version with all my proofreading errors corrected, I will probably make a print version available on Lulu at cost for those who want a professionally printed copy.


Thank you for this. It really helps me to pimp the work 🙂

I have already posted the announcement at a new blog devoted to the Microlite series and will have it on the AD&D Grognard main blog shortly.

I didn't know what your plans are for a $$$ version but please post or email me asap with details so I can post a purchase location.

This is a fine piece of work and you deserve all the positive it is creating in return tenfold.

As always thoughts and prayers to you and yours and stay strong.

Now, time for a cup'a'joe and another read through 🙂