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D&D is dead…long live D&D!

Dr Rotwang


Thanks so much for reading my post! I'm not sure that everyone who has reacted to it has actually done as you have.

The Badger King

Sensationalistic title aside, I agree with what the good doctor said. D&D has become more of a brand identification than a specific game system, and the brand of D&D has been suffering, from all accounts. However, the GAME D&D, in whatever iteration you choose, is still alive, as the OSR movement shows. So, yeah… D&D(T) might be dead, but D&D/AD&D/AD&D2ndEd/3rdEdD&D/3.5EdD&D are all still going well…. and maybe even D&D4Ed, although I have no horse in that race.


My opinion is that people in the OSR movement who believe this to be the case need to get out more. Go to PAX sometime, and drop your jaw at the sight of hundreds of gamers who have never picked up a d20 before standing in long lines just for the chance to take part in a 4e organized play event. The WotC folk there cannot possibly keep up with the demand, and most of the attendees at PAX are primarily video game enthusiasts. PAX is the most relevant nerd con in the country right now, and it's a tiny slice of why D&D The Brand continues to be relevant.

For now, posts like "D&D Is Dead" are nothing but ill-wishing and doomsaying.