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Geek Gazette

Aren't the Zocchi dice, like $30 a set? You think Goodman and Zocchi have a deal going? Isn't Goodman going to sell the dice on his site now? Hmmmm….


Unfortunately, according to page 63, d16s and d14s are also used for attack rolls. d16s would not be too bad, but there is no way to emulate a d14 without a high chance of needing at least one reroll (30% chance of 15 or higher on each roll if you use a d20 and ignore rolls over 14 as suggested).

Back in the early days the odd collection of dice were necessary given the only common dice were d6s. Today, most RPG players have a good collection of d4s, d6s, d8s, d10s, d12s, d20s, and probably even at least one d30. There is really no good reason, IMHO, for a game to use even more odd dice. Especially since the above collection can be used to emulate a large number of other dice with one roll: d2s, d3s, d5s, d16s, d24s, d32s, d36s, d40s, d48s, etc.


Those were my thoughts too. Funky dice and too many tables but there's plenty of cool other stuff to add to other games.


Oddly enough, I like the funky dice. They bring back just a little bit of old school magic back from when we thought d12s, d4s and d20s were funky 🙂

They only really make an appearance during Character Generation (unless they're in the magic section too, which I haven't fully read and digested yet) and can easily be replicated with regular dice (need d30? Roll a d20. If it's 11-20, roll a d6. If it comes up 5-6, add 10 to the roll), or an online dice generator.