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Thanks for the link, Randall.

On another unrelated subject are there still forums dedicated to ML74/75?

This link, shows me a blank page.


@mkotsci: You'll find current (February 2011) .docx versions of the Microlite7x rules sets zipped up here.


On a slightly different topic as Baltorupec, is there an editable version of ML74 or ML75 available? I have only seen finished PDFs.

I would love to see S&W supplement myself, maybe also a quick guide to conversion between ML74/75 and Osric, LL, S&W and other retroclones. Nothing in depth, but gotchas and rules of thumb.


@Baltorupec: Translations are not only allowed, but welcomed! Thank you for even considering taking on such a task. When you finish your translation, be sure and let me know so I can link to it from the Microlite74 or Microlite75 download page.



i'm interrested in translating in French Microlite74 and maybe later Microlite75 for the website : http://www.le-scriptorium.com/
I ask you so if you allow us to translate Microlite74(/75 ) ?
Is it particular conditions ?
( the document will be download for free ).
Sorry for my bad english !