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@Shane: I have no idea how long the final version will be. That's the nice thing about working with PDFs, the page count doesn't have to be decided in advance to keep the cost of production reasonable. That said, I don't want a 500 page book either.

Artwork will likely be public domain as I have no budget for art. I can't justify one for a no profit project, at least not with all our medical bills. Any spare money should be spent paying those bills down not buying art for a Microlite7x project.

Shane Mangus

This is great news! Randall, you have released some great stuff under the Microlite banner, and I am sure this will live up to or even exceed your previous effort.

I have a couple of questions, which you might be able to answer or it might be too early to comment. We will see. You said this release will have the largest page count of anything you have put out so far, so I am curious if you have a number in mind for the estimated number of pages the book will end up being? Also, what are your plans for artwork? Will we see some original artwork or will you be using public domain pieces? Either way, is cool with me. Just curious… 🙂


@ADD Grognard, it looks like I've missed at least two major blowups in the OSR blogsphere while I've been busy with the real world the last few months. I think I was lucky.


Glad to see you back and as always looking forward to seeing the next step!

At last, some positive news from the blogosphere 🙂