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The Inn On Palmer ST.

Never attribute to conspiracy that which is adequately explained by stupidity.


Also Lankhmar, and arguably Empire of the Petal Throne.


I'm starting to wonder if Hasbro/WotC is deliberately trying to disconnect itself from the history of the hobby.


Apparently they also forgot Sharn. THe Eberron setting book completely about Sharn. They made that one like 5 years ago… wtf??


two words: Raven's Bluff


Maybe they meant to write "our first ever" instead of "the first ever?"


Or they are just engaging in hyperbole. Which may ultimately not be better, but it's not so nefarious.


Anything non-4e, apparently doesn't exist. I suppose they can discount several things, because they were Boxed Sets and not "books."

And FR1, Waterdeep and the North, had a little bit about "the North" so it wasn't "solely" focused on one city. Vornheim is a "city-kit" so they have you there. I don't have the 3e Waterdeep HC, so I'm not sure what excuse they might pull out of their behinds, there.