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@Lord Rocket: Thanks for catching that typo!

I'm uncertain on digest editions. Microlite74 Basic is probably doable. The page counts for Standard and Extended would probably be a bit high for digest-sized books. However, I'd love a digest version of M74 Extended to use in my weekly game so I might at least give it a try.


From the Companion, page 9:
'An unarmored average DEX 10th level wizard would be AC 10 and could spells normally.'

I think that should be 'could cast spells normally'.

Also, is the digest sized edition going to be updated to 3.0?


@Pere Ubu: Thanks you. Both have been fixed.

Pere Ubu

Two possible things:

The description for the Maze spell uses 'intelligence'; should this be MIND instead?

Red dragons are given the ability to "assume human form"; I don't ever remember that being the case.