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Yes, the 'Dark' trio are all PD. Unbelievable. And an excellent job on presentation, especially making various versions for printing out. I have followed the project since I first heard about it last year(?).

Do you get the feeling I'm a Jazz fan? I love variations on a theme, the ability to study the mechanics from different angles and learn new things every time I read it. It is why I'm such a fan of your work. I think I finally understood what someone said the other day about the 'writer's voice' missing from modern rule sets. Your work has the 'voice'. I guess that really does make a difference 🙂


ADD Grognard: I doubt I'll be a fan of Darkest as it sounds like it to going to incorporate "cloned material" from the early Arms Law/Claw Law stuff — back when it was intended as an AD&D addon rather than a separate RPG. I was never a fan as I'm not that interested in detailed combat.

Dark Dungeons is public domain as well. If I recall what Blacky has said, Darkest will also be public domain.


And the Darkest is yet to come 🙂

I have only had a minute to look at the revision but the fact that he released this material PD is amazing. What a contribution to the community. Make certain you name check the OGL in all the right places and you are free to work with this to your hearts content.