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I never liked 4e due to the disassociated mechanics, however it never dawned on me until Monte cook recently said D&D 5's goal is to re-establish the connection between DM and player. The mechanics and style of 4e encourage a sterile gaming environment where creativity has been replaced by "I have a specific power for that with a specific effect that I can use x/day."

Jeff Moore

Everything he said sounds pretty spot on to me. Plus from a game design stand point a decision was made to take the "one simple mechanic" idea and make everything follow the same rules.

It's about trying to make the game as "accessible" as possible. A choice was made to shoe-horn every rule and every concept, every tool that a GM might use into the same box. That's where 4e loses me.

In making everything look the same and act the same, it now all tastes the same too … the game has lost it's flavor. Maybe I would feel differently if I had not first played older versions of the game, but I did, so that's how the 4e game made me feel.

Just one gamer's random thoughts.


Though I'm not closely involved with CRPGs (and haven't been since Darklands), that is my understanding of what, approximately, occurred.