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It was one of the general RPG/D&D forums I quickly check every morning: RPGnet, theRPGsite, enworld, giantitp, or piazza. Most likely one of the first three.

Matthew Schmeer

@Randall: Which forum? I posted a blurbs on Dragonsfoot, the S&W forum, ODD74proboards, the Goblinoid Games forums, and Knights & Knaves that all linked to my post rather than the file.

Of course, I'm glad news is spreading!



My apologies. However, it would be hard to credit your blog entry when I never saw it. I found the link to the PDF version in a post on a forum — no mention of your blog entry.

Matthew Schmeer

How about a little credit for my blog, where I posted the PDF file? Could you direct folks to web page rather than directly to the file in my Dropbox?